Sideniūs &
Lene Adler Petersen

Some Couples & Arrangements for Liberty Leading the People

The artists’ book Ting Nogle Parforhold (Things, Some Couples) was first published in 1980. The main part of the book consists of photographs of an arrangement of two things together. Each photograph is centered on the page with a narrow margin and below each photograph, there is a text that describes the relationship between two things other than those you see in the picture. The book was published in a small edition and is now sold out.

The new publication of Things, Some Couples is published together with the artist book’ Arrangements for Liberty Leading the People, which has not been published before. The book is also about the relationship between things and signs, image and text and also consists of photographs of everyday objects, but unlike the photographs in the book Things, Some Couples, this book consists of photographs of accumulations; a stack of books on an ironing board, a stack of plates on an inverted stool. Something, on something, on something. The texts below the pictures do not describe what you see here either, but other essays; “The fabric on the chair with the clothes”, “the folder on the envelope with stamps”. In both books, ordinary hierarchies, are deconstructed, so that gender differences and gender division of labor do not appear to be self-evident and natural.

The book was offset printed at Eks-Skolens Trykkeri, letterpress printed by Jørgensen bogtryk and handbound by myself and Vindinge Bogbinderi. It was published and exhibited at Grafik Galleriet in Næstved (Marts, 2022).
Poem: Lene Adler Petersen
Photography: Lene Adler Petersen
Introduction: Tania Ørum
Graphic design: Louise Hold Sidenius
Publisher: SIDENIUS